SLAP YA MAMA Set Of Seasoning Blends (Original, Mild, Hot)

Slap Ya Mama


Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products offers a set of seasoning blends for various cooking methods and for the ever-changing taste buds. These three blends, ranging from mild to hot, can be used as a table seasoning, a rub or even used in a marinade.

ORIGINAL BLEND the mildest of our three blends, this seasoning is perfect for use on french fries, chicken, marinades, popcorn or any dish that may need to be enhanced just a bit.

WHITE BLEND is made with white pepper instead of black pepper which makes it a little spicier than our Original Blend. Besides having a unique flavor because of the white pepper, it also has an added health benefit due to the fact that your body doesn’t digest black pepper but is capable of digesting white pepper. This blend can be used in the same manner as the Original Blend but we find it best used on seafood.

HOT BLEND contains the least amount of salt in its mixture but uses a much spicier red pepper blend to give it a little extra kick. Although it is spicier than the other two blends, it is still full of flavor and can be used on various foods and in various cooking methods similar to the Original Blend. We find it best if used as a rub for grilling steaks or spicing up meats on the BBQ pit.

LOW SODIUM is All Natural, Low Salt, No MSG but with the full flavour of our famous Original Cajun seasoning. NO MSG: made without MSG, and helps enhance the natural flavours of meats and seafood.

SYM original blend is available in gallon, 25lbs & 50lbs bulk, and SYM seafood boil is available in 25 lb., contact us for details.

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