Just Like Grandma Made!

Your hot dogs and sausage deserve the best, and this is it! This homemade relish is sweet, tangy, and tastes like my childhood...

​My quest to try to duplicate Grandma's recipe started when I worked my first Hotdog stand back in the '80s. After being coaxed to give it yet another shot, I stumbled upon an old recipe that may have been influenced by my Grandma's original recipe. I gave it a shot and with some tweaking... I have created SPANKY'S CUCUMBER RELISH. This is the relish I remember from my childhood when Grandma made it. Light green in color, sweet & tangy and unbelievably good on hot dogs, burgers & sausages, and incredibly good on its own too – you won't be disappointed.

​Thanks for the inspiration, Grandma!

Remember to relish the moments with family and friends and to include one
of Spanky’s Relishes or BBQ Sauces… The whole ‘GANG’ will love it