Spanky's BBQ Sauce

Just Like Grandma Made!
Made In Ontario, Canada

Your hot dogs and sausage deserve the best, and this is it! This homemade relish is sweet, tangy, and tastes like my childhood...

​My quest to try to duplicate Grandma's recipe started when I worked my first Hotdog stand back in the 80's. After being coaxed to give it yet another shot, I stumbled upon an old recipe that may have been influenced by my Grandma's original recipe. I gave it a shot and with some tweaking... I have created SPANKY'S CUCUMBER RELISH. This is the relish I remember from my childhood when Grandma made it. Light green in color, sweet & tangy and unbelievably good on hot dogs, burgers & sausages, and incredibly good on it's own too – you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for the inspiration Grandma!

Remember to relish the moments with family and friends and to include one of Spanky’s Relishes or BBQ Sauces… The whole ‘GANG’ will love it!



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