Jar of Lilley bee honey with Canadian flag

LilleyBee Honey 500g



100% ONTARIO HONEY! Orchards of Niagara, non-pasteurized honey

You can buy honey in its natural state just as it comes from the honeycomb or as heat-treated honey, a process that destroys sugar-tolerant yeasts and large crystals to prevent crystallization. LilleyBee honey is NOT heat-treated or pasteurized. The heat-treated version tends to remain liquid for a long period but does affect the flavour and nutritional value of the honey.

You can store honey in the freezer to help slow down the crystallization process. But over time liquid honey will naturally crystallize - a process where the honey appears to be thickened and becomes lumpy or grainy. Crystallization is easily reversible and does not affect the taste and quality of the honey at all. (So, please don't throw away sugary-looking honey, it hasn't gone bad!) Place a granulated jar in warm water. (About 40-50°C) As soon as the granules are dissolved, remove the honey from the heat and let cool.

Honey is used as a sweetener in tea and coffee and in a wide range of baked goods such as bread, muffins, and cakes to keep them fresher longer. Honey is 2.5 times sweeter than sugar.

DID YOU KNOW? A single honeybee will only produce 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

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