Hot Sauce With Flavour!

Chetty's Hot Sauce is hot sauce with flavour and is made up of six different hot sauce products that are produced in Southern Ontario, Canada. Four hot sauce combinations and a Jerk Rub & Seasoning. We use scotch bonnet peppers which we find to be the most flavourful pepper of the habanero family but still has a fantastic kick of heat for those who like it hot. All products are produced in a Valid Kitchen Facility in Vaughan, Ontario. Chetty's Hot Sauce is a family ran business and we plan on keeping it that way forever!

The three hot sauce with flavour products include Original, Lime, and Garlic are made with a pepper base so it tends to be hotter than our other hot sauce products flavour Pineapple and Mango because we use pineapple as a base so that everyone who likes it a little milder can still enjoy Chetty's Hot Sauce. Finally Hot Sauce with Flavour!

Chetty's Hot Sauce can be found across Canada with over 150 locations in the GTA itself, it's no wonder we are one of Canada's Top Hot Sauce Brands! There are no artificial flavourings or preservatives added to our hot sauce products. We also use very minimal salt and have a very low sodium count making it a perfect hot sauce for healthy eating!

The Jerk Seasoning & Rub is mainly used for meats. Rub it on your food before it goes onto the BBQ or into the oven and you won't regret it! PS: It's AMAZING on oven roasted ribs!!! The possibilities are endless with this product so don't be shy when thinking about what to use the product for. From chicken to pork it's really good with any meats!

Be on the lookout for new limited edition Chetty's Flavours! You never know what kind of hot sauce with flavour we'll whip up next in the kitchen!

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